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✌PATIENCE✌anything worth doing and worth pursuing takes a little bit of patience. #patience seems to be a virtue people lack now that we live in a fast paced world full of everything now, now, now! 
✌PERSISTENCE✌ don&#8217;t give up. Goals take time to achieve. And you need to be persistent with what you want and work towards it. #Persistence is key. 
✌PASSION✌ if you don&#8217;t have #passion then why are you doing it? People who are passionate about something are compelled beyond reasonable doubt to do it. 
The world is your oyster, you can do anything 🌏🙏
#movenourishbelieve #motivation #inspire #workhardandreaptherewards #dreamhardworkharder

"The title Failure does not belong to those
who’ve failed over and over, but to those who
could’ve tried harder, or gave up altogether."

- Beau Taplin || Remember: (via afadthatlastsforever)

We never can’t get enough of Arnold Schwarzenegger&#160;!
You will never be like him.

Success on We Heart It.
Sometimes getting out of bed and starting the day is the hardest thing to do. Especially when you are feeling sad or down about something or sometimes for no reason at all.. but fight your inner demons, push through those feelings and smile. I think we forget that a simple smile has the power to transform our day. So get up. Dress up. And show up. And don&#8217;t forget to  be kind to yourself. ✌🌞🌏 #thoughtfortheday #Namaste #HappyFriday #movenourishbelieve #positivity
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