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I am the ECHELON

I am always the forgotten one.
I am the one who loves more.
I am the one who writes passion poems into the sand
to make love to the sea,
only for the tide to wash away my words."

- love comes in waves—m.v.g. (via feeltherainx41)

"I’ve been so confused, I don’t know how to identify myself anymore. I haven’t found a piece of something great in a long time, even after cutting open my skin and searching. I feel like that maybe I’m a lost soul, that will never be found. Sometimes I feel like my body is here but my heart isn’t. I live in a small town I can’t wait to get out of, but I don’t even have two nickels to rub together. I don’t even know what the hell I want to spend doing for the rest of my life. I’m so confused, I’m so scared, I’m so overwhelmed. It’s a big, bad world we live in, and I haven’t even started living, but I already feel like giving up. I need to find myself, I need to discover myself, I need something, anything… I’m stuck between transition and getting kicked out the door, I’m stuck betweening wanting and needing more. No one told be growing up with this damn hard, I would’ve told my six year old self to enjoy childhood some more. I would’ve stopped wishing to be older, I would’ve stopped wasting every second of innocence. Now all I’m stuck with is picking up the pieces to the path of my new life, I don’t even know where to begin.."

- i.c. // young adults (via delicatepoetry)


"She was a compulsive pessimist, always looking for the soft brown spot in the fruit, pressing so hard she created it."

- Amy Waldman, The Submission (via r-enatus)

(Source: larmoyante)



The “first man-made biological leaf” could enable humans to colonise space»

if you aren’t hyped about synthetic life and colonizing space then get out of my face

We want MARS back.


This letter was written by the Echelon after some considerations about a lot of changes in the band and the most problematic aspects originated after the last album. It’s NOT a protesting or a disapproving letter, we only wanted to give them some advice.
We hope Mars could accept and take our…



"You have to be tougher. You have to learn the way to beat your path through, to make yourself felt, and make yourself necessary."

- Grace Coddington (via wordsnquotes)





They call me coffee cuz I grind so fine

They call me coffee I keep you up past 2 am

They call me coffee because I’m really bitter and most people don’t like me without changing some aspect of what I am



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